Sunday, 14 June 2009

A NEW and exciting series on Quantum mechanics

I Love quantum physics and I am going to be writing new series on quantum physics, the great physcisists who made it possible, the experiments which support this weird and wonderful world and also the interpretations of quantum mechanics, what scientists think the theory means for reality.

We will talk about Schrodinger and his famous dead and alive cat, particles which are not only waves but particles as well, the strange theory of entanglement as well as meet some very strange and wonderful people. AS well as the fact that a new universe could be created every time a decision is made.

Now if that dosn' t sound interesting then i don't know what does. The series of articles starts with the central theme quantum mechanics and can be found here

It is the central location for all my articles, however i will post direct links to other articles I make as well as a small introduction to them on here if you are only interested in a specific branch of quantum physics. Thanks for your support

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